Can Written Content Still Wear the Crown?

Written content is dead, or so some people would have you believe, but I’ve been reading about content’s imminent demise for several years, and guess what, it’s still with us.

Why is written content still popular? Because it does things other forms of content cannot do. It provides the necessary platform to explain things, to analyse, to answer questions and to appeal to audiences.

In short, it carries a high degree of authority, if it is well-written, for its specific audience.

What it’s worth noting is that written content takes many different forms, and what may suit one business, will not suit another.

Furthermore, styles of written content differ, according to the brand to that they represent and the audience the content is aiming to attract.

What it boils down to is ensuring that your written content is appropriate to your business and its objectives. These objectives are the key to unlocking the whole written content puzzle.

Using Written Content to Reach Your Objectives

If someone makes asks me, “Do you write blogs? I think I need a one,” then the first thing I want to know is WHY?

If the answer is simply that everyone else has got one, or they just feel it’s something they should have, these are not sufficiently strong reasons to go down the blogging route.

Blogging must have a purpose.

It is a way of constantly refreshing your website to improve its SEO, which should then help people find your business online.

There are also very good technical reasons for blogging, because each blog you publish can mean a new, indexed page on your website, driving traffic to your website on the back of organic searches.

Blogging is also in important means of brand building. The more you display your knowledge of your area of expertise, the more likely it is that your audience will trust your opinions, and see you as the go-to specialist in your field.

Blogging can build your credibility.

It is NOT a direct sales tactic.

The Slow Burn of Successful Blogging

We’re used to associating the internet with instant gratification. Everything is supposedly at our fingertips, just a click away.

Except, that often it isn’t, if you’re selling rather than buying, and especially if what you are selling is a service.

The problem is that with the sheer mass of content readily available online, how are you meant to compete?

Are you jostling for position in Google’s search rankings, and if so, how?

These days, Google is much more focused on who will provide the answers to people’s questions, and offer valuable, useful content in the process.

Blogging enables you to do this.

In this, the effects of written content may be as much cumulative as immediate.

Blogging is a tactical side-step away from the direct sell. It offers a breathing space where you can build awareness in your audience and, by doing so, attract them to you.

Be clear from the outset, however, about what you want your audience to do.

Content and Your Social Media Presence

What a social media channel such as LinkedIn can do is provide you with the opportunity to engage with others.

If  you’re going to do this, what are you going to engage them with?

Content of course.

This might involve video, but again, if you want to demonstrate your depth of knowledge, written content is king.

Call to Action

Include a call to action in your content. Earlier I mentioned blogging having a purpose. Well the same applies to all your written content.

It’s not there to simply express your thoughts for the day, or for you to get something of your chest.

Written content should be strategic. When you’re communicating something, through a blog or social media post, you’re doing it for a reason. You are doing it to grow your business, to engage with your target audience.

Once they’ve read your content, what do you want them to do next? You want the content to spark something in their minds, to resonate with them, so that you are then on their radar.

Don’t waste this opportunity. Make sure they know how to contact you, and why they should be doing this.

Is Written Content Worth It?

You might be reading this and be thinking that writing blogs or content for social media isn’t for you.

Where’s the return on investment? Wouldn’t you be better off investing your money in a good sales team, or direct marketing?

Think of it this way: the sheer scope of digital communications means that there are now multiple channels to reach an audience and to look for leads.

Why then, would you settle for a limited set of tools to do this?

Content enables you to broaden your marketing strategies, and to explore different routes.

If you’re in it for the long haul, where you build something of value, and durability, then you cannot ignore the potential of written content.

Well He Would Say That…

A professional copywriter writing about the value of written content? Yes, of course it’s in my interest to promote the idea of writing as a marketing tool, but trust me, written content can transform how people view your business.

If you’ve read to the end of this post, then I’d say I’ve proved my point. If you want to know more about what I can do for you, give me a call on 07896 711853 or email