Editorial strategy

Why You Need an Editorial Strategy

Why an editorial strategy? Surely, you’ve got enough on your plate. The thing is, if you’ve got a website, or you’re planning to get one, you’re entering the world of digital publishing.

You could, of course, just get a website set up, put your details on it, leave it and hope for the best. But there are over 1.5 billion websites in the world today, so who’s going to notice yours?

A website is an active marketing tool, and, as such, it requires some active input from you, which is where the editorial strategy bit comes in.

Your Blog and What It’s For

So, you’ve got your website with its various pages: home, about, services, contact. Oh, and that other one, blog.

That’s right, you’ve got a whole blogging function built in, just waiting for you to do something with it.

So, what are you going to write about? Your new business premises, your equipment, your haircut…?

Be clear: your business blog will be a waste of your time and everyone else’s if you treat it either just as a puff-piece propaganda channel, or as a kind of dear diary.

No, my friend. You must develop your approach to content creation. It goes like this:

  • First, define your target audience. Content without a target audience is content without purpose. This audience is who you’re aiming your blog posts at. Their issues, interests and pain-points should be the foundation for the things you’ll write about.
  • Next, develop your topics. Try and line quite a few up, because you’ll need to blog regularly and consistently – in other words, not in fits and starts, once every few months.
  • Establish your tone of voice. This must tie in with your audience and your brand identity. Are you conversational, matey, reassuring, authoritative?
  • Where will your content go? Yes, on your blog, but then where? Which social media channels will you use to match your target audience? Consider also a regular email newsletter.
  • Finally, you must measure your performance. If you don’t know what success looks like, how will you know if you achieve it? Set goals, review your activities, and be prepared to make changes towards continually refining what you do.

What an Editorial Strategy Looks Like

This is about action. Once you’ve defined your audience and your target audience, it’s time to set the wheels rolling.

The key thing is to develop your audience. This should follow logically from finding your tone of voice and putting out content consistently.

You want people to find you through your content, to start to get a feel for your business and your brand values.

Therefore, your editorial strategy should be to consistently aim to engage with your audience.

Where will they find you?

Sure, you should optimise your content for search engines like Google, by using keywords and developing content that will come across as useful and informative.

But also think about the platforms you share it on. Is LinkedIn the ideal B2B platform for you, or is your audience more likely to find you via Facebook?

Don’t disregard more visual channels such as YouTube, Vimeo or Instagram, providing they’re the right fit for your brand and audience.

Be systematic about it. Consistency comes from a concerted effort to engage using content.

Develop a content calendar, noting key dates that you can tie-in with your content; or where you know you’ll be appearing at an event, or launching a new product or service.

Some business is seasonal, and if this is you, then your content should reflect this.

Stay in touch with current affairs. There are always going to be news stories with which you have some connection – just don’t attempt too tenuous a link.

It’s not an editorial strategy if you put out your content randomly, with scant regard for who might want to read it.


How Hard is it to Do?

The trick is not to treat your content as something apart from your core business but rather integral to it.

Your editorial strategy should, therefore, align with your business objectives, because it’s there to help your business grow.

And if you find it difficult to produce the right material? Talk to a copywriter. We love writing about stuff, so your content is safe in our hands.

What are Words Worth to You?

If you’re not sure how to develop your editorial strategy and shape your content, email me at info@thomasridgemagicwords.com or call 07896 711 853.