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Freelance Copywriting Services

My freelance copywriting services include:

  • Web content
  • Articles and blogs
  • Long-form content
  • Cornerstone content
  • Power pages
  • Whitepaper reports
  • Editorial content
  • Press releases
  • Brand development.

As well as writing original content, I provide copy editing services. Copy editing makes sure your content is fit for its intended audience:

  • Evaluating and reviewing
  • Sense-checking
  • Proofreading

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How Do You Know What Freelance Copywriting Services You Need?

Not everyone is clear about what kind of content they require to make their marketing work, and communicate effectively with their audience.

There are key strategic aspects to creating content that you should be aware of.

The Resources page of this site contains a selection of FREE guides and reports for you to download.

When I say free, I mean free. I won’t ask you for your contact details in return, and you don’t have to sign up for any newsletters or marketing emails from me.

These resources should be able to help you make a decision about choosing freelance copywriting services.

content specialist

Specialist in many styles

“What kind of writing do you specialise in?

The short answer is, pretty much anything. It’s the basis of my work as a professional copywriter.

Diversity is my specialisation. Copywriting is essentially ego-free. I’m writing in your voice, not mine.

I adapt my writing to fit the tone of the brand, and the objectives of the client. Whatever your business and your target, I can find the right words for you.

how much does a copywriter charge

My rates

Usually I charge a project rate.

The price depends on the size and nature of your project.

For example, I can research and write material from scratch, or I can edit and re-word existing material. The scale of the job and my level of input, including meetings or interviews, will be reflected in the price I quote.

My work covers a broad range of professional writing services, from regular blogging and articles to entire websites and large, one-off assignments.

Price guide available on request.

Contact Me

If you need content and you’re looking for freelance copywriting services to support your business, please call me on 07896 711853 or email