Professional copywriter

Professional copywriter

I’m a professional copywriter based in Greater Manchester.

I write content for articles, blogs, websites, whitepapers, marketing emails and other promotional material and communications.

Whether it’s online or in print, getting the message right can make a world of difference to how others see your brand and your business.

The quality of your content is the key to others noticing you. Well-written and engaging content can differentiate you. It should resonate with your target audience. This can make a crucial contribution to your business success.

I write content that adds value for your audience and boosts your brand.

Magic Words Copywriter

Why use a professional copywriter?

Content is the glue that holds your marketing and communications together. Content establishes its effectiveness and uniqueness.

Without good content, can you deliver your marketing plans and strategies with confidence?

Content creates, strengthens and refines the connection between your brand and its audience.

Writing this content is a skill and a specialisation.

As a professional copywriter, I can help you shape your essential brand communications and marketing messages.

Content will help you compete in a crowded marketplace and connect with your prospects and customers.

Smart but simple copywriting solutions

Smart but simple

The key to getting any point across is to make it easy to understand. This applies as much to short statements as to complex concepts.

My task is to translate the essentials of your message into highly readable, compelling pieces of content.

However detailed or industry-specific your subject matter, my smart, simple approach will make it impactful and attractive to readers. At the same time, I will keep your core ideas clear and understandable.

magic words

Why Magic Words?

Words can transform the effect you have on your audience by making what you say matter to them.

The best copywriting attracts, engages and connects with audiences and persuades them to act in the way you want.

That’s magic.

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