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Can You Make Your Manufacturing Content Come Alive?

Manufacturing content can seem like a challenge. I don’t mean the manufacturing of content – as a copywriter that’s what I do for a living, and what my clients expect me to do – but rather content for manufacturers.

Why should it be so? Surely, if you can write content for, say, property developers or HR professionals, then manufacturers can’t be that different?


What Makes Manufacturers Different?

Maybe manufacturers are different. I think it comes from a combination of scepticism about marketing in general and a degree of insularity.

What I mean is, many manufacturers, are very absorbed in their own processes and methods. If they make a B2B product, or service a specific niche, then they find it hard to break out of this mindset.

Let’s be clear. This is not a criticism. We can all be wrapped up in our own immediate interests and areas of expertise.

However, manufacturers need customers and investors. They need healthy order books.

How businesses must market themselves keeps evolving. In a digital age, manufacturers cannot afford to be left behind. They need greater exposure, and they must attract fresh interest.

Manufacturers need content, whether they like it or not!


Is Manufacturing Content Boring?

Some people freely admit they work in a boring industry. But do they? Just because you manufacture something that might exist behind the scenes, or be strictly B2B doesn’t make it intrinsically boring.

Take a fresh perspective. If you produce something someone finds useful, or essential, then to them it is not boring.

You’re manufacturing something that fulfills a need, that may be an essential part in a someone else’s business.

Your prospective customers aren’t bored, they’re looking for you. They’re searching for someone to provide the solutions they seek.

If you manufacture this solution, you need to produce content that will answer their search.

They need to find you online.

This is what your content is for.


Content for Manufacturers

If you feel your industry is unglamorous then that is a very good reason why you should be using content.

Content matters. I don’t mean this in some vague way. It builds reputations, it attracts interest and helps businesses engage with target audiences. It can even help qualify your prospects.

Why would manufacturers want to miss out on any of this just because they perceive themselves as not glamorous or interesting enough?

To reiterate: your business is never boring to the people who rely on you.

So how do you shape your content to reach them?

Consider the case study. People are fond of posting case studies on their websites as evidence of what they do.

The issue is not whether to do it, but how you do it.

The case study sounds like it must be something very dry and factual, containing every last detail.


The case study is a story. It is the story of how you, the manufacturer, helped your client.

Therefore, tell it like a story.

Here are the key ingredients:

  • the problem or obstacle;
  • overcoming it; and
  • the happy ending.

You can make it that simple, that effective and, ultimately, that impactful.


Reaching Out Through Manufacturing Content

Let’s take this further. Where does this story belong? Is it confined to a case studies page on your website, or can you use it as leverage to build your online presence?

What if formed the basis of a blog, which you then shared strategically through social media?

What if you could turn it into the basis of a report that visitors could download from your website?

Could you even turn it into video content?

Content works when it is part of a strategy. As a manufacturer what’s stopping you having just such a content strategy?

You can increase traffic to your site and improve your search results with content. Content can build your credibility and put you in front of more people.

Measure the success of your marketing. Use content strategically. Break out of your manufacturing bubble and embrace the wider digital world out there.

You can find examples of manufacturing content HERE.


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