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If You Hire a Copywriter Reluctantly, It’s a Mistake

Think about this: why hire a copywriter in the first place? This is important, because, if you’re embarking on this course of action reluctantly, it’s probably the wrong course of action for you.

Hiring in any professional help is a commitment. As such, you should have a clear idea what you want as a result.

What Was stopping You in the First Place?

If you’ve come around recently to the idea of hiring a copywriter, what were the obstacles to making this decision?

  • Was it not understanding what copywriting involves?
  • Were you thinking it wasn’t suitable for your business?
  • Perhaps you thought you could just do it yourself?
  • Did the idea of paying for writing put you off?

Any one of these might be enough to stop you deciding to take things further. However, if you do decide to go ahead and hire a copywriter, but you have doubts, then this could spell trouble ahead.

Let’s look at each of these obstacles.

What Does Copywriting Involve?

Let’s get one thing clear: it’s got NOTHING to do with copyright law and intellectual property rights.

That’s cleared the air. Okay, so copywriting is, essentially, writing material designed to appeal to a target audience. It might be to sell something to them, or to inform and educate them about something.

It’s designed to get them to act in a specific way, depending on what the objective of the copywriting is.

It might be to get them to subscribe to a service, buy a product, make a phone call.

Copywriting works across many different channels: from websites to social media; print to video scripts.

Copywriting produces the content that is the essence of marketing activity. Therefore, if you want to market your business in any way, you may want to consider whether you should hire a copywriter.

Is Copywriting Suitable for My Business?

Some businesses are, outwardly at least, more glamourous than others.

If you sell holidays, or fashion, then there are immediate associations with aspirational concepts and pleasurable experiences.

If you sell industrial widgets, however, then they’re not seen as being very sexy – or in fact sexy at all (unless you have specialised tastes).

However, to the right target audience of prospective customers, industrial widgets are essential.

They might be heavily reliable on them to run their business, and finding the right widgets might make all the difference to their bottom line.

How do you reach this audience, what will make them want to buy from you?

The answer is great content. This can help you attract them to you and, ultimately, sell to them.

Don’t think your business isn’t marketable. You just need the right tools to do the job, and professionally written content is one of those tools. That’s a very good reason to hire a copywriter.

Couldn’t I Just Write it Myself?

Here’s a thing about writing, not everyone can do it well. Yes, most of us can write, in some form or other, but writing for marketing purposes, or to sell to audiences, is a professional discipline.

Using words creatively, but also so they resonate with your audience means shaping your content carefully. Keeping things direct, clear, concise but readable takes work.

Also, people tend to be very close to their own businesses, which makes it harder for them to take their target audience’s perspective fully on board. So many business’s websites, for example, spend too much time talking about themselves and not enough about their prospective customers.

Finally, if it’s just a question of having the time, think hard about it. At the risk of losing potential clients, I don’t think simply not having the time to write something is enough of a reason to hire a professional to do it for you.

If this is your chief reason, then you’re coming at it from the viewpoint that you could do it just as well yourself. This does not bode well for a good working relationship.

Am I Paying Too Much to Hire a Copywriter?

If you think that paying people with so-called soft skills to do what they’re best at is money for old rope then you’ve come to the wrong place.

I don’t charge extortionate rates for producing content, but what I do charge reflects the amount of work I put into it on your behalf.

What is the value of good copy?

It can help you sell, attract new prospects and customers and build your brand and your online authority and credibility.


What are Words Worth to You?

Don’t hire a copywriter reluctantly, do it willingly. Take a step forward with your marketing and commission some professional content creation.

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