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Is Your Content Writing Specialist or Generalist?

With content writing, should you be a specialist or a generalist, and if you are a specialist, how far does your specialism stretch?

Writing is a specialism, but it’s also a general skill. Content writing combines both.

The Content Writer as Instant Expert

There are plenty of excellent writers working in specific fields, technical writers say, or medical writers, but many content writers work in a broader context.

Writing content requires adaptability, because one assignment may be radically different from another. If you’ve a wide enough client base, you might be writing about accountancy for one and meditation for another. You could be focusing on children’s fashion one day and invoice factoring the next.

The aim is always to make the subject come alive so that it attracts and engages its target audience. It is also about expressing the right depth of knowledge. In fact, however, this may be newly-acquired.

I’ll clarify. Content writing takes research, but the content is written for the client in the client’s voice. A combination of a solid brief and additional research provides the writer with the necessary details, but the rest is down to creativity.

This allows the writer, me,  to become, for the purposes of the brief, an instant expert, as the voice of the client and their business.

The specialism in this content writing is in digesting the right amount of information to then to convey the essence of the message.

However specialist or technical the subject matter is, the copy needs to be user-friendly.

You can read more about UX writing here.

Content Writing Can Offer a Fresh Perspective

There’s another key quality a professional copywriter can add: a new angle. If you give a brief to someone otherwise unfamiliar with your business and what you do, what you get is a fresh pair of eyes.

Many people run businesses where they are very closely involved in all aspects of their work. But this closeness can limit their view. They might have the vision for what they want to happen in the future and how they want to grow, but can they see themselves how others do?

A different perspective is essential if you want to see things from your customer’s viewpoint.

For this reason, why the best copywriting and content is not about the features but the benefits.

Moreover, content is competitive. There’s a lot of it out there. Therefore, anything that can make your content seem fresh and original will help to differentiate it.

Your content needs to stand out, because that will help gain your audience’s attention.

Content Writing Offers the Means to Deliver

Stuffing content full of keywords to rank higher on Google is not a good content strategy. Search engine algorithms increasingly sophisticated, which means stuffing content full of keywords to rank higher on Google is not a good content strategy.

Content must have value for its intended audience for it to rank more highly.

There is an obvious logic here. Why would a site rank highly if it attracted but then failed to deliver? This would like opening an attractive gift box and finding it empty.

Good writing delivers great content.

What about the time this takes? Do you have enough time you can dedicate to writing your own content?

An advantage of using a professional copywriter is you’re not having to find the time to put you own content together.

Outsourcing your content writing means you can commission and schedule as many blogs you want to match the needs of your marketing strategy.

What are Words Worth to You?

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