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Do you need a creative copywriter?

If you’re offering something bold and new on the market, how can you capture the excitement of it in words? A creative copywriter will find the words to help spark your audience’s imagination, by describing the benefits of your business and your brand.

You might have a well-designed website and memorable, clear branding, are you doing enough? Think about what you want to say and ask yourself if you’re really saying it in the most effective way.

Even if you think of your business as being essential but unglamorous, you still need to find ways to talk about what you do that will attract customers.

Regardless of your sector or your market, a creative copywriter can help your business grow and thrive and build your brand.

Look at it this way, what are your competitors saying about themselves? Your content should be better than theirs. It should differentiate you.

Talk to me, because I believe I can help you.

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content specialist

Specialist in many styles

“What kind of writing do you specialise in?

That’s a question people often ask me.

The short answer is, pretty much anything. That’s not me being deliberately vague. In fact, it’s the basis of my work as a creative copywriter.

Diversity is my specialisation. Copywriting is essentially ego-free. I adapt my writing to fit the tone of the brand, and meet the objectives of the client. Therefore, when I produce content for you, I’m writing in your voice, not mine.

Whatever your business and your target audience, I can find the right words for you.


My rates

Usually I charge a project rate, and my price will depend on the size and nature of your project.

For example, I can research and write material from scratch, or I can edit, re-shape and re-word existing material. I will reflect the scale of the job and my level of input, including any meetings or interviews, in the price I quote.

My work covers a broad range of professional writing services, from regularly scheduled blogs and articles to entire website content and large, one-off assignments.

Price guide available on request.